Business Idea Pitch

How To Pitch Your Business Idea

Now that we’ve gone over things to include when pitching your business idea, here’s how to pitch it! Pitching you business is always going to be nerve racking, but with the right steps and preparations you’ll knock it out of the park.

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Practice, Practice & Practice Some More.

There is no better tip to improve pitching your business idea than to be well rehearsed and confident. Take the time to practice your pitch often and to the point that nothing can throw you off on your quest to deliver the a rousing business idea. First of all, you need to practice to the point that you don’t need any sort of notes, whether that be on your phone or a notecard. Not only does reading off your notes make you look incompetent, but you simply do not have time to find the note that you forgot to read off.

Next, you need to practice in front of people and video tape yourself. It’s one thing giving a speech to your bedroom wall, but it’s a whole new beast. Get those practice sessions in with family and friends before it’s time to take your idea to the world. Arguably more important than practicing in front of people however, is to record yourself give your pitch. While this may be the most awkward thing you’ve done, (face it, most of us don’t like hearing, let alone seeing, ourselves talk) it is the best coach you can have. Pay attention to how fast you talk, what are you doing with your hands, do you look happy and excited to be here!? Recording yourself is the best tool you can to prepare for a pitching your business idea.

Don’t Use Slides if You Can.

Depending on where you are pitching your business, slides won’t be available. If you’re at a networking event for example, you’re obviously not going to have a slideshow prepared for the people you meet (If you’re in Miami, check out You need to have your pitch perfected without the use of a slideshow to rely on.

Additionally, even if you’re at an event that you need a slideshow for, keep it minimal. The purpose of the business pitch is for people to LISTEN to you, not to read your slideshow. If you’re including slides with multiple sentences, or you’ve prepared a 10 slide presentation for a 5 minute pitch, you’re doing it wrong. Include key graphics, points and metrics. For the love of God, do not type out half of your presentation onto your slide!! It is not news that many people will just read the slide show and tune you out. Force them to listen to your great idea by not giving them a novel to read in the background.

Make the Audience Feel Something

This is the most difficult tip by a landslide, but once you master it, you’ll have opened doors for you and your business you never thought possible before. This is the one thing that separates good and great speakers. If you want to deliver a business pitch you have to get your audience to feel something about it. Depending on your pitch you may want someone to feel empathy, excitement or passionate. Use your voices, tone, speed and volume to help hit home on whatever emotions you are trying to stir up. Be passionate and excited! Remind the audience how exciting it is to start your business and relate the difficulties with them. If you can trigger an emotional connection, you’re going to have the best pitch in the room.

Be Confident

I think this one goes without saying, but confidence is a necessity when speaking about your idea and vision. If you aren’t confident in your delivery, everyone in the room knows it immediately. Luckily, confidence comes from practice. Even if you hate public speaking, you can appear confident if you are well practiced. Dress sharp, stay calm and nail that pitch!

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