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Why You Need a Virtual Office for Your Home Business

This article, first seen at, outlines a few of the reasons how virtual offices help your business. We, at Happy Hour Business, recommend that anyone running a business from home use a virtual office. These virtual offices offer many benefits and give you peace of mind that your personal information isn’t being shown to the outside world.

What is a Virtual Office?

A Virtual Office is an excellent business solution for young companies and international companies. Virtual Offices are addresses for your business so that your personal address isn’t being shown to the world. We use real street addresses located within our business centers. These centers are places you can go to pick up your mail, meet a client and grab a coffee.

Here are 5 reasons you may need a virtual office:


If you’re using your home address as your business address, you are releasing this knowledge to the public, and in most cases, advertising where you live to the public eye. Everytime a customer or vendor needs your services or when sending invoices, you are telling these people where you live. 

Using your home address may compromise your family’s safety and privacy. You typically must provide an address on your business records, this often translates into your business’s location. Search engines like Google are sure to pick up where your business is located, and with Google Maps, it may be all too easy to locate your home. No one wants a disgruntled vendor or customer showing up at your door.

Professional Reputation

As a business owner, your reputation is everything. You never want to run into an issue of customers questioning your validity. Seeing a home address on contracts, invoices and other documents may lead to hesitation with clients. Building trust with customers is one of the most difficult aspects of being a new business owner so giving yourself every tool possible to build your reputation is key to success. 

The alternative of not providing adequate contact information is a risk of losing sales and connections. The name of your business, address and phone number should be on every page of your business’s website. Visitors arrive on your website via Google and search engines. Making it easy for Google to find your address and information will help your website reach higher up on Google’s search page. 

Liability Issues

There may not be any restrictions to registering an LLC or an S or C corporation from your home, however this may not be the best option when starting your company. The major benefit of business entities such as these are that they separate and protect your business and personal activities.

However, there have been cases where using a personal home address has allowed debtors to “pierce the corporate veil”, making you personally liable for your business’s decisions.

Lease and Homeowner Association Rules

Most major apartment and condominium buildings do not allow you to run a business out of your home. Make sure to check your lease, codes and restrictions before you use your personal address to run your business. 

Zoning Laws

Local zoning laws may also limit your ability to run a business out of your home. This happens mostly due to residential zones wanting to keep the integrity of the neighborhood. Additionally, many zoning boards regulate the percentage of your home that can be used for business as well as restrict the ability of advertising and hiring employees. 

Have a Home Business?

It’s time to start that virtual office! Check out to get started. Choose a plan, enter your business details, and behold: you now have a physical footprint for your company.

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